About Us

Hi! I'm Marlin.

I am an Entrepreneur as well as a lifelong animal trainer and Nature lover with years of hiking/backcountry experience. We as a family started a Ranch in Lebec California. We have four kinds of the Camelid species and other animals. I have building and retail experience as well as being an active member of the Fire department and an Emergency Medical Responder. My entrepreneurial spirit and business experience along with my Amish/Agriculture Background give me a unique cultural perspective and back-to-earth approach. 

Sit Back, Relax-darkened

Life on the Ranch...

Southern California is beautiful. Lone Juniper ranch epitomizes this beauty  in every way. From the mountain ranges surrounding us to the towering pine trees and the gorgeous wildflowers… the beauty you’ll find here is unparalleled. Sit back, relax and enjoy nature like you never have before in comfortable accommodations.